You can make a difference. Join our woman-powered Sunshine Coast organization and in just 4 hours and with $400 you can effect meaningful change in our community!



Welcome! We'd be delighted to accept your application to this powerful group of Coast women who want to make a direct & immediate impact in our local commmunity. 100% of your donation goes directly to the selected charities - we do not charge admin fees but instead volunteer our time.

By filling in this form you agree that:

  1. I am making a commitment to 100+ Women Who Care Sunshine Coast that I will donate $400 annually via $100 cheques and attend each of the 4 quarterly meetings.
  2. I agree to meet my financial commitment regardless of whether the charities/NFPs are those I personally nominated to receive funds, and will submit my donation promptly to the organization selected in the meeting vote.
  3. I agree that if I am unable to make one of the 4 meetings that I will send my regrets in advance to the local chapter founder, and provide my cheque before the meeting or have another member in good standing bring it to the meeting for me. 
  4. I understand that if I do not meet the commitments above I will no longer be a member in good standing and lose my rights to nominating, voting, networking and attending future meetings.


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By checking this button, I commit to one year of donations totalling $400 with 100+ Women Who Care Sunshine Coast. I understand that I can withdraw at any time by emailing my chapter's founder.
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