Welcome to 100+ Women Who Care Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast has long been known as a community that cares tremendously about our diverse and inclusive community. There are over X charitable organizations and not-for-profits for the Sunshine Coast area covering Port Mellon to Earl's Cove. 

These organizations receive contributions from both private and public sources, and many Sunshine Coasters collectively donate thousands of hours every year to assisting these groups to meet their mandates.

But there are also many people, specifically women for our purposes with 100+ WWC, who manage multiple roles between work, business ownership, homemaking, childrearing and feel we don't have adequate or predictable time to donate in a meaningful and useful way. Or we're making individual small donations on a piecemeal basis, not knowing where the money goes, if it's effective and helpful, or creates more administrative work than it garners in exchange.

We yearn to make a direct and immediate impact, and are willing to commit to providing a $100 cheque four times a year and see it leveraged into $10,000+ each time and provided to one Sunshine Coast charity or NFP for a specific project or goal. We understand this kind of charitable activity has a place in our community, and is a deeply felt way of giving back if we are in the financial position to do so, where so many of our coastal community members clearly are not and will feel a significant impact as a result of our collective donations. 

I invite you to join us for our Inaugural Meeting of 100+ Women Who Care this coming January, by joining now on our members page. You'll be added to our monthly newsletter, which will include an invitation to nominate eligible organizations, and you'll learn firsthand what this incredible movement - made up of committed women just like you - are doing for their communities around the world.