Here's an overview of what happens at the meeting:

pre-meeting networking 5:30-6pm

Meet your fellow Sunshine Coast Women Who Care in a casual, comfortable setting with a cash bar and plenty of opportunities to mingle. If you're not into this kind of socializing, just arrive 10 minutes ahead of the main meeting time. If you're a new member, let the volunteer know at the door and we'll introduce you to a few women experienced with our organization and how it works.



the heart of the event: main meeting 6-7pm

Darnelda will open the meeting by greeting our presenters and members. The beginning of the meeting is also when any brief announcements or housekeeping items are dealt with.

Now we're to the most important part! We introduce to the group the 3 selected charities nominated by the group, randomly selected and researched by the founder. 

The 3 organizations each have 5 minutes to talk about how they would use the donation monies if their organization were chosen.

It's then Secret Ballot time. Every member votes by secret ballot, which is collected by a volunteer for tallying, and this is the time our previous recipient charity/NFP makes a 5 minute presentation to the members about how their organization has been impacted as a result of the previous meeting, and the progress they're making on the project(s) the funds were dedicated to. 

The Big Announcement: There's a lot of rustling and preparation as women get their chequebooks ready and wait to hear who the selected organization is. As soon as the recipient is announced the cheques are written out then and there.

The Wrap Up: Our founder closes out the formal meeting with the date of the next meeting and everyone congratulates all of the nominated charities. 



Stay for post-meeting networking and enjoy the cash bar. Share your experience of the event and make the connections with organizations you might personally wish to learn more about or support with volunteer time or other assistance. But before you leave, a volunteer will take your cheque at the door and verify everything is correct and that your tax receipt address is correct.